Mississippi Department of Banking
and Consumer Finance

Motor Vehicle Sales Finance

Exam General Information Questionnaire

Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Licensing Information:

License period is from January 1 to December 31 and is not pro-rated for application made during the license period.

Minimum Requirements

  1. $750 initial license fee, $475 renewal license fee
  2. Registered with the Mississippi Secretary of State as required by state law
  3. Financial statement: Assets, liabilities, and capital, if corporation; Assets, liabilities, and net worth if applicant is not a corporation. Assets, liabilities, and capital of parent corporation, if license is being requested for subsidiary office of corporation.
  4. Licensing and servicing locations
  5. Statement as to type of business activity proposed
  6. Reference / Questionnaire form - For initial applications only (Out of State Companies): Submit this form from at least (3) states where the company holds a Motor Vehicle Sales Finance License.


Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Application Forms:
Each applicant must download, complete and submit each of the following forms:

  • Motor Vehicle Sales Finance License Application
  • Motor Vehicle Sales Reference Questionnaire
  • Motor Vehicle Contact List
  • Motor Vehicle Instructions

  • Forms to Update Existing Office(s)

  • Motor Vehicle Application for Name Change
  • Motor Vehicle Application for Relocation of Existing Office






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