MS Dept of Banking & Consumer Finance

Small Loans Companies Licensing Information:

Licenses are issued for one year concurrent with the date of the required bond.

Minimum Requirements

  1. Licenses are issued only to locations within state of Mississippi.
  2. $750 initial license fee, $475 renewal license fee
  3. Surety bond ($1,000) issued for appropriate license period.
  4. Financial statement: Assets, liabilities, and capital, if corporation; Assets, liabilities, and net worth if applicant is not a corporation. Assets, liabilities, and capital of parent corporation, if license is being requested for subsidiary office of corporation.
  5. Proposed line of credit or funding source.
  6. Statement as to type of business activity proposed.
  7. Registered with the Mississippi Secretary of State as required by state law.

Small Loans Application Forms:

Each applicant must download, complete and submit each of the following forms:

Small Loan Filing Form - PDF
Small Loan License Application - PDF
Small Loan Contact List - PDF
Small Loan Surety Bond - PDF
Small Loan Instructions - PDF

Forms to Update Existing Office(s)

Small Loan Application for Name Change - PDF
Small Loan Application for Relocation of Existing Office - PDF

If you have any questions please call 601-321-6901