MS Dept of Banking & Consumer Finance

The Board of Banking Review is established under Mississippi Code Section 81-3-12. The Board is charged with the responsibility for ruling on applications of new bank charters, conversion charters, and protested branches. The Board is comprised of five (5) members appointed by the Governor, one from each of the three (3) Supreme Court Districts knowledgeable in economic affairs with a recognized ability in a trade or business and two (2) members at large who are active officers or directors of state-chartered banks. All appointments are with the advice and consent of the Senate.

Each member shall hold office until a successor is appointed and qualified.

Members of the State Board of Banking Review

Mr. James H. Clayton
Planters Bank & Trust Company
P.O. Box 31
Indianola, MS 38751-0031


Appointed:  12-20-2014
Term Expires: 3-23-2019

Ms. Tammy Phillips
Community Bank
P.O. Box 320849
Flowood, MS 39232


Appointed:  2-23-2017
Term Expires: 2-22-2022

1st Supreme Court District
Ms. Sarah Beth Wilson
Copeland, Cook, Taylor & Bush, PA
P.O. 6020
Ridgeland, MS  39158


Appointed:  3-24-2017
Term Expires:  3-23-2022

2nd Supreme Court District
Mr. Chandler Russ
Natchez, Inc.
P.O. Box 700
Natchez, MS  39121


Appointed:  3-29-2013
Term Expires:  3-23-2018

3rd Supreme Court District
Ms. Karen O. Green 
P. O. Box 2060
Grenada, MS 38902


Appointed:  3-24-2006
Term Expires: 3-23-2021