MS Dept of Banking & Consumer Finance

The Department of Banking and Consumer Finance (DBCF),State of Mississippi is committed to providing quality supervision and regulation to those institutions, persons, firms, corporations, and associations furnishing financial services, as authorized by statute, to the people of Mississippi.

DBCF is charged with the primary examination and regulatory supervision of all state chartered commercial banks, state chartered thrift institutions, state chartered credit unions, independent trust companies, consumer finance companies, premium finance companies, motor vehicle sales finance companies, pawn brokers, title pledge lenders, consumer loan brokers, check cashers, mortgage lenders, the sale of commercial exchange, and debt management service providers.

DBCF also gives cooperative assistance to any individual, institution, industry, or other regulatory agency within the scope of our responsibilities. DBCF staff is fully aware that courteous professionalism is not a goal, but the minimum acceptable standard of performance in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of The Department of Banking and Consumer Finance.

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501 N. West Street
901 Woolfolk Building Suite A
P.O. Box 23729
Jackson, MS 39225-3729

Local: 601.359.1031
WATS: 800.844.2499
FAX: 601.359.3557